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The Core Pioneers of Elevae
  • Kirsten Janeczko
    President, CEO
    • Janette McDermott
      RN, CCWP,
      Joint Commission
      Compliance RN
      • Nurse Complaints
    • Elise Easton
      Director of Operations
      • External Medical
      • Gissell Sotelo
        Staffing and Pre-hire
    • Valerie Quinteros
      Director of Accounts
      & Payroll
      • Oscar Juarez
      • Jessica King
        Payroll Specialist
    • Michael
      Chief Financial Officer

About Kirsten

The Founder
  1. A Nurse’s Frustration

    Kirsten Janeczko, a dedicated nurse, worked in hospitals for years, collaborating with colleagues like Maria. She felt disheartened by how staffing and patient care were managed in many healthcare facilities.

  2. Kirsten Janeczko’s Bold Decision

    Committed to healthcare improvement, Kirsten founded her own nurse staffing company. Her vision aimed for better healthcare services with efficiency and compassion. Her determination propelled her from nurse to entrepreneur.

  3. From Nurse to Business Owner

    Encouraged by a fellow head nurse, Kirsten started her entrepreneurial journey. She now owns a successful nurse staffing company and a mobile health and beauty rental solution, positively impacting both industries.

Our Vision

A Pathway to Excellence
  1. Empowering Excellence

    Elevae Partners is dedicated to raising the bar in healthcare staffing and services by providing exceptional professionals and innovative solutions, all fueled by our unwavering commitment to excellence.

  2. Inclusivity and Diversity

    Our vision is to create an inclusive healthcare landscape where diversity is celebrated, both within our organization and among the teams we build for healthcare facilities. We believe that diversity enriches patient care and inspires innovative healthcare solutions.

  3. Personalized Service and Human-Centered Approach

    Elevae Partners’ vision is to deliver a personalized, human-centered service experience, fostering enduring relationships built on trust, transparency, and exceptional service for clients and employees alike.

Our Partner on HR, Payroll & Customer Service

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